PRIME: Health Equity & Social Justice Workshop


“In order to advance health equity, we cannot make changes just at the institutional level. We have to get within the hearts and minds of the people who occupy those institutions.” – Doak Bloss, Health Equity & Social Justice Workshop Facilitator

This workshop was designed to illuminate racism, classism and other types of oppression as root causes of inequity. It is connected with the efforts of the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) Health Equity and Social Justice Initiative.

Workshop Objectives
Discussing language and conceptual frameworks about oppression and privilege
Exploring the meaning of cultural identity
Identifying the importance of addressing racism and other forms of oppression as root causes of health inequity
Practice applying a social justice and health equity framework, and recognizing opportunities for advancing health equity in one’s work and personal life


Format and Content

This workshop is offered as an initial two-day session followed by a half-day session a few weeks later. The optimal group size for this training is 18-22 participants per workshop.

For details, see the summary report.

Evaluation Process and Findings

Participants showed increases in all knowledge questions and competency items. See page 44 of the PRIME Guide for Public Health Professionals for details and page 124 for the pre-post evaluation tools used.

Lesson Learned – It is recommended that participants include staff from both the public health department and community partner organizations.