PRIME: Organizational Assessment


How ready is your organization to address racial and ethnic disparities?

The PRIME Organizational Assessment Tool was designed to identify strengths, challenges, and areas for staff capacity-building. Findings should be used to inform and tailor the development of all components of the PRIME initiative – resources, training, technical assistance, and changes in practice and policy.

The tool focuses on staff members’ perceptions related to the following competency areas:

How culture affects different aspects of African Americans’ and American Indians’ lives Degree to which staff incorporate health disparities concepts into work
Whether bureau programs are designed to meet the needs of Michigan residents Capacity to use data and resources in program planning and evaluation to reduce racial health disparities
Resources regarding racial health disparities Degree to which staff engage partners in their work who are from African American and American Indian communities

Format and Content

For details, please see page 29 of the PRIME Guide for Public Health Professionals (PDF)


For details of our findings, view pages 27-34 from the PRIME Guide for Public Health Professionals.

How did we use our findings?

  • We provided results to staff members to facilitate discussions about health equity
  • The PRIME team used the findings to develop and adapt future trainings – lack of awareness of American Indian culture was a key result, so we collaborated with American Indian consultants to develop a workshop on this topic