African American Resources

  1. Struggles And Triumphs of Peoples of Color in Michigan (PDF)
    This report highlights common issues and barriers that people of color face today within Michigan.
  2. Addressing the Crisis in Black Infant Mortality from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies Health Policy Institute, Washington D.C.
    Explores disparities in infant mortality and how these disparities can potentially be addressed
  3. Grand Rapids African American Health Institute
    An organization that conducts research both in the lab and in the community-translating findings into meaningful interventions that will improve health and healthcare outcomes.
  4. Life Course, Social Determinants, and Health Inequities: Toward a National Plan for Achieving Health Equity for African American Infants—a Concept Paper. Hogan VK, Rowley D, Bennett T, Taylor KD. (2011) Maternal Child Health Journal.
    This concept paper is a hue and cry for the public health community to speed the creation of an actionable evidence base that reduces inequities through ‘‘dimensionality,’’ a theory developed by this paper’s authors in response to the inadequacies we have identified in the current, one-dimensional approach to understanding disparities.