Washtenaw County Coalition for Infant Mortality Reduction

Contact Information

Website: 3x More Likely
Contact Person: TBD
Contact Info: 734-544-3058


One of eleven counties to receive infant mortality funding from the Healthy Michigan Fund, Washtenaw County developed the Washtenaw County Coalition for Infant Mortality Reduction with the goal of reducing racial disparities in infant mortality and low birth weight/premature delivery. The coalition now sponsors an African American women's health campaign called Three Times More Likely, which was informed by focus groups and a mini-PRAMS survey of the county.

Organizational Partners

Other organization in Washtenaw County that work with the coalition include: the Corner Health Center, Washtenaw Area Council for Children, and the Health Improvement Plan of Washtenaw County.

Activities & Objectives

As mentioned above, the Three Times More Likely campaign trains community members to educate African American women on how to prevent infant deaths and stay healthy during childbearing years, with a focus on pre-conceptual health.