Oakland County Health Division - Infant Mortality Reduction

Contact Information

Website: http://www.oakgov.com/health/Pages/healthy_lifestyles/healthy_pregnancy.aspx
Contact Person: Lynn McDaniels MSN, APRN-BC
Contact Info: mcdaniels@oakgov.com


In Oakland County, in 2000, a significant African-American disparity existed in the infant mortality rate. As a response, Oakland County began investigating infant deaths in Pontiac using the Fetal & Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) process. In 2002, this project was expanded to Southfield, which also has a high African American disparity. Once the contributed factors are identified, the Infant Mortality Reduction Team will address these using existing resources such as public health nurse home visits to pregnant women and infants following delivery. Oakland County presently provides teen pregnancy prevention education programs, expectant parent classes and well-baby clinics.

Activities & Objectives

A diverse array of activities are used to address the high infant mortality rate in Oakland County. Nurse home visits are made to high-risk clients to emphasize infant health promotion. CRIB NOTES classes at Oakland middle schools, which were developed to educate the adolescent population about preventing infant mortality, provide information about making healthy choices, tobacco prevention, nutrition, infant/child and personal safety, growth, and development.

The reduction team has also created an Infant Mortality Reduction Display Board to be displayed at community sites through out the year, such as churches, Oakland Community College, and community fairs. The group also partners with Best Start for Babies ? Oakland Community Action Team.