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After receiving a grant from the Health Disparities Reduction and Minority Health Section (HDRMHS) at the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH), the National Kidney Foundation began a health equity initiative with African American residents of Inkster, Michigan.

Organizational Partners

The Kidney Foundation partners with the MDCH, as well as faith based systems, community foundations, community agencies, city government, housing, Inkster public schools, community members, block clubs, and local businesses.

Activities & Objectives

The Kidney Foundation's work in Inkster seeks to improve capacity building and training opportunities, to form and mobilize an interdisciplinary team to oversee project guide activities, initiate a community dialogue and conduct a comprehensive community health assessment, develop a plan for addressing health disparities identified in the community, and to provide HDRMHS at MDCH with data collected to inform the development of an action plan for Phase II. Specific activities to achieve these objectives include focus groups, monthly meetings, and recruitment of volunteers and community leaders. Support groups for diabetics, family education programs and parent support groups have been created as well. The primary focus has been to reduce the rates of chronic kidney disease for residents of Inkster, as well as to focus on reducing high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity, which are contributing factors to kidney disease. Recently, the team has added food access in the community, infant mortality, and women's health to its list of problems to address.

Already, policy level changes have occurred in Inkster. The mayor and city council signed in a resolution to make health a city priority, the Inkster Task Force adopted the Gardening Initiative for local gardeners to offer fresh fruit to the community to address the paucity of grocery stores in the community, and Inkster Public Schools adopted the gardening initiative as part of the school's other activities.