Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan Healthy Start Project: Local Health Systems Action Plan

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Contact Person: Elizabeth Kushman
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For over a decade, this Healthy Start Program, with its Systems Action Plan, examines Native American health from a systems level by considering how racism and discrimination and how they affect quality, access to, and use of services by Native American and American Indian populations.

Activities & Objectives

The objectives of the project are to improve birth outcomes for American Indians, lower levels of stress for families, and provide greater levels of comfort in accessing and using services for American Indians. The ITC Healthy Start Project has also intervened at a policy level by working with the state of Michigan to analyze and report birth certificate and infant mortality statistics for Native American/American Indians in a more accurate way, by working with the state on program evaluation and research study planning, by members sitting on the state's Infant Mortality Steering Committee and PRIME Project Steering Committees, and by increasing the cultural competency and sensitivity of hospital staff for Native American patients.