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Contact Person: Madiha Tariq
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This health equity work began as a collaboration between ACCESS and the Health Disparities Reduction and Minority Health Section (HDRMHS) at the Michigan Department of Community Health. After attending a Health Disparity Summit, both ACCESS and HDRMHS recognized the lack of attention paid to the Arab community, who are not documented as a specific race or ethnicity under the Office of Management Budget. A lack of data collection standardization then exists for the Arab community, which creates a social injustice and health inequity for this population. For four years, ACCESS has been addressing social determinants of health that specifically address Arab Americans health disparities.

Activities & Objectives

The Health Disparities Reduction capacity building leadership team meets to share information, resources and programs in a multisectoral forum. Community Wellness Events are hosted to provide free services to community members that includes: flu shots, educational presentations and health screenings. ACCESS has also conducted a comprehensive community needs assessment on Arab and Caldean Americans in southeast Michigan, has conducted research on cancer outcomes, has provided educational presentations for professionals about cultural competency for the Arab community, has advocated to promote policy changes that will positively affect the Arab American community, and has collaborated with other state institutions like MDCH and PRIME.